MULTAN - Pointing finger at the birth of Difa-e-Pakistan Council, JUI-F Secretary General and leader of opposition in Senate Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri claimed on Saturday that all those, who were brought together at the platform of IJI with ISI funding in 1990s, had again assembled as the Council.

Addressing a news conference here at the office of Almi Majlis Khatam-e-Nabuwat on Saturday, he said that people like Gen (r) Hamid Gul, Sheikh Rasheed and Ijazul Haq were blown cartridges, who could not make any difference. He said that his party would not become part of the Council because “one should learn lesson from the past experiences.”

He said that the Supreme Court had summoned prime minister for February 13, hurling a warning that the system would completely collapse if any clash between state institutions took place on that day. “It’s not the solution of any problem. Non-democratic powers are again on hunt for an opportunity to commit ambush on democracy,” he added. He said that the memogate scandal was creation of a Qadiani. He warned that Islam and Pakistan were in jeopardy while there was serious clash among state institutions. He added that Pakistan was made in the name of Islam but this country never witnessed an Islamic and just system.

He lashed out at the ruling PPP and PML-N as well as army generals, saying the country was ruled by these three parties since its inception. “The PPP befooled public in the name of roti, kapra aur makan while Muslim League exploited people through the slogan of being creator of Pakistan. The Generals’ Party ruled country for 30 years and created new history of looting and plundering,” he maintained. He regretted that the country lost an arm but we did not learn any lesson from past mistakes. He said that there existed nothing like the writ of the government as agents of CIA, RAW and MOSAD operated freely in Pakistan and committed terrorism in terms of target killings, suicide blasts, sectarian violence and kidnapping for ransom.

He declared that keeping in view prevailing situation, the JUI-F was going to hold Islam Zindabad Conference in Bahawalpur on February 26 which would be addressed by Maulana Fazlur Rehman and other leaders. “We’ve decided to launch an active movement for saving Islam and Pakistan,” he added. He said that he never heard of anything like Difa-e-India Conference in neighbouring country but this idea was launched in Pakistan to befool the masses again.

Defending the position of his party, he said that the JUI-F joined government with a goal to bring the rulers on right path. “But when we failed to achieve this target, we quit the government,” he added. He said that JUI-F opposed Pakistan’s joining war on terror but nobody listened to its leadership. “But after Salala tragedy ‘they’ have also understood our point that this war is imposed on us,” he added.

He said that the US announced aid worth $ 4.5 billion as compensation for our war expenses while Pakistan paid $ 80 billion for this war as it completely ruined the economy. He claimed that besides Shamsi Airbase, many other bases were also under American use. He said that although the nation had heard an announcement regarding hitting drones, the drone attacks still continued. He said that his party did not posse the power to hit drones but the workers would block Nato supply with force. “We’ll burn the containers if anyone tried to ship them,” he added.  Answering a question, he said that the Senate elections should be held on time.