RAHIM YAR KHAN - JUI-F leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed on Saturday said the Satan was the first to demand ‘immunity’ in the history.

Talking to media persons, Hafiz Hussain said Aitzaz Ahsan would not charge any fee from the prime minister for pleading his contempt of court case in the Supreme Court, adding that in the 21st century, a Senate seat could be the fee for such cases. He said the PPP leadership kept Aitzaz at bay for a long period of time, but he would not take revenge from the president and the prime minister for ignoring him for so long. “As Aitzaz is friends with the two chief justices, he should get some reward at least,” he said, adding “Aitzaz tried to kill two birds with one stone by dragging the immunity issue into the contempt case.” To a question, the JUI-F leader said Rehman Malik and Babar Awan were heading towards darkness where not even one’s own shadow follows him.