QUETTA - Two policemen were killed and a passer-by was wounded in a landmine blast in Naseerabad district on Saturday, while three rockets were fired in Quetta.

According to Naseerabad District Police Officer Abdul Hayee Baloch, two policemen, Hamid and Gulshar, were patrolling the Manjhoti area within the precincts of Saddar Police Station, when one of them stepped on the landmine.

As a result, both of them were killed on the spot, while a passer-by identified as Muhammad Ali sustained injuries. And in Quetta, unidentified people fired three rockets on the night between Friday and Saturday, which the rocked the city.

Police said the rockets, fired from some undisclosed location, landed in Killi Nichari, Spainy Road and Killi Arbaba. However, the explosions neither cause any human loss nor properties were damaged.