LAHORE – Three members of a gang, found involved in more than 70 criminal cases, were arrested by the Mozang and Old Anarkali police, respectively, the police revealed on Saturday.

During preliminary interrogation, Qasim Ali alias Builder, Zahid alias Rashid alias Malik Haku and Tanveer alias Babu have confessed to killing two people and injuring a lady doctor in a shooting incident.

All the three, who are in their late 40s, have been sent on judicial remand for further legal action, the cops added.

An official of the Civil Lines Police Division, while quoting a fact-finding report, said: “Ironically, three SHOs had been patronising the arrested criminals. This further encouraged the dare-devils to commit more heinous crimes.”

The official further said that a former SHO of Icchra, the SHO of Gowalmandi and the SHO of Muslim Town police stations had backed these hardened criminals. The cops only included minor criminal code sections against them, despite the fact that they had committed serious offences.

According to the report, 37 cases have been traced wherein the arrested criminals were involved. The report further stated that in 28 other cases, the SHOs did not bother to lodge FIRs against them. The Civil Lines SP (Investigations) has recommended a legal action against the guilty cops. He has also announced to give cash and award prizes for the policemen who arrested the lawbreakers.