OKARA - The government should solve the issues of loadshedding of electricity and gas, price hike and unemployment by taking solid measures, a PML-N lawmaker said.

Talking to party workers in the Muslim League House here, MPA Mian Yawar Zaman said the state affairs had been deteriorated. “The people are awfully worried about the present situation which is going from bad to worse. The government should take steps to satisfy the Supreme Court, Army and institutions to avoid confrontation,” he added.

The MPA said Marshal Law would not imposed in the country, adding that the present generals were in favour of democracy and observed that at present elections were imperative.

He said that to steer the country out of crises, election should be held forthwith. He pointed out the people were interested in their personal gains. “The outages have made life tough. There is no chance of elimination of loadshedding as no efforts are being made. The PML-N is the only political part which has the capacity to steer the country out of crises,: he claimed.