VEHARI - The protest rallies and sit-inns being held in the country are loosing their effects with the passage of time, it was revealed

“This is very tough time for the common man because he is facing starvation, dearness, insecurity, corruption along with other social issues, and all the the hardships are for the common man not for the gentry,” surgeon and social worker Dr Ghulam Hussain said. He said that protest demonstrations and rallies always show the downfall of a society.

Superintendent Jail Sharaam Touqeer Khan said that the element of agitations and demonstration was even seen in prisons where prisoners had no other choice but facing the music. He added that in our society, individuals were collaborating for protests but they did not gather for good cause.

He admits that lawyers were observing strikes everyday on minor issues and this is not the right way.

Stubbornness and unjust decisions made by authorities invite people on the roads instead of table talks, he added.

Common person does not know about ethics and physiological disorders.

CAR STOLEN; A car was stolen near grain market gate here. Babar Zaman, a resident of F-Block parked his car in front of his home and went to his home. When he came, he could not found his car.