LAHORE – Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said here on Saturday that live and let was -- and is-- the best policy. He was delivering his speech at the yearly Provincial Seerat Conference. “We need to seek guidance from the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state and to promote the sentiments of unity, brotherhood and solidarity.

He said that believers in one God, one Holy Prophet and one Holy Book will have to work for the betterment of Muslim Umma and have to remain on the guard against the conspiracies being hatched by the enemy. He said that Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of history and heavy responsibility lies on Ulema that they should give the lesson of Islamic unity, love and brotherhood in their sermons. He said that the last 64-years flaws can be removed by promoting tolerance, religious harmony and unity for which Ulema and Mashaikh of all schools of thought will have to repeat that historic role which they played during Pakistan Movement.

In his address, Shahbaz Sharif said that any society can become ideal by acting upon the everlasting and universal teachings of Islam. He said that need of brotherhood, unity and solidarity is more than ever now and we would have to promote national unity for coping with the challenges being confronted by the country created in the name of Islam. He said that we are facing this situation due to deviation from Islamic principles which has forced us to beg from Aghyaar who achieve their objects by throwing a few coins to us in a very insulting manner. He said that the rule of law and justice can be established in the society by acting upon Uswa-e-Hasna (the pattern of life of Holy Prophet PBUH). 

He said that there are different views and sects in all religions of the world but they respect the opinion of each other and act upon the policy of “live and let live” whereas there is extremism and intolerance in our society. He said that in such situation, Eid Milad-un-Nabi reminds us of that great lesson, by acting upon which we can make Pakistan Islamic welfare state in the real sense. He said that implementation of the universal message of unity, love and amity of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is need of the hour.