KABUL - The Afghan Taliban denied on Saturday that the group’s leader Mullah Omar wrote to the White House last year.

The White House received a letter in 2011 which purported to come directly from Mullah Omar, asking the United States to deliver prisoners whose transfer is now central to American efforts to broker peace in Afghanistan, an Obama administration official said Friday.

“Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan rejects this baseless rumour with the strongest of words,” a statement on the Islamist group’s website said, using the name by which the Taliban often calls itself.

“Hoping for surrender from the Afghan people is an unrealistic wish and a goal which could not be achieved by America in the past ten years,” said Saturday’s statement, attributed to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. In a message Zabihullah said that linking letter to Mullah Omer was blame and “we strongly reject it”. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not begging from someone, rather we believe that with the help of Allah we would prevail against the enemy,” he added, saying that such rumours were continuation of the enemy’s attempt to create confusion and concerns.

“It is useless to expect that Afghans would bow before any force of the enemy. All know that Mullah Omer would never bow and such rumours can only cause rejoice to US officials and nothing else,” he said. Mujahid said that such tactics never worked in the last 10 years. “The Americans cannot get anything from such rumours but this will affect their image globally. Everyone knows the determination that Mullah Omer has shown during the ten-year jihad,” he said.