KARACHI - Third seed Wasim Akram found enough chink in the strong armour of invincible current national champion and favourite Mahmood Lodhi to upset the top seed in second PCPA chess championship for Zahiruddin Farooqui trophy here on Saturday at a local hotel.

It was the biggest upset of Rs 200,000 prize varying championship which has attracted sixty top stars of the country.

The morning session of the fourth round had almost reached the halfway stage when things started unfolding and a good crowd gathered around the table where Wasim Akram and Mahmood Lodhi were locked in a tense battle.

Though the defeat was shocking for Mahmood Lodhi but still the top seed is not out of contention for the final honours. He is expected to come back strongly against weaker opponents later in the league to reach the top of points table to win the crown. However couple of more defeat down the league competition may hurt Lodhi’s chances in the championship.

In this important encounter Wasim had white pieces and right to move first. He selected a very solid and dull system of Queen Pawn Opening and his counterpart Lodhi defended well and the opening phase of the game was evenly balanced. In the middle game Wasim converges his forces towards his opponents king side while Lodhi selected to operate on queen side but in the process he did not consider that Wasim is gaining space advantage. Wasim used this advantage very effectively to exert more pressure on Lodhi’s king side and when he place his Knight on f6 squire then Lodhi has no other alternative to give up his castled Bishop leaving his king in a vulnerable position. While on the other hand Lodhi is trying to develop his Queen side counter play to divert Wasim’s attention from king side to Queen side but due to amaze pressure he blundered and has to give up his Knight as well as the game. Later Lodhi told that to day he has to play three rounds due to this reason he was feeling tiredness while his opponent is much younger and looks quite fresh.

On board two four times National champion, Tanveer Gillani also has to face some anxious moment against National Master Asad Rampuri. In the end game Asad has batter position against his counterpart but he could not manure his pieces correctly and lost the game.

On board three Khurram Qureshi also performing well he held National Master M Waqar for a draw while in round thee he also beat senior ranking player Jahangir Ahmed.