The girl, of a playing age, 8years old Zainab has been brutally harassed, fatally killed and heinously thrown into a garbage pile in Kasur, Punjab Pakistan. She was in an age of innocence. She knew nothing about the inhuman act of barbarity.

We know the culprits would not be arrested easily or willingly. If arrested by any means, they would be resealed soon. This is because Zainab is not a daughter of Nawaz Sharif, but she belongs to a poor family. But, yes, Zainab, a girl of her parents’ heartbeat, would ask Almighty Allah on the resurrection day about her fate to the brutality in the age of playing. She would rather cry in front of Almighty for the unrest of Pakistan—- lawless, anarchic and violent country—— where she was unfortunately born.

The world cannot imagine that Pakistan, an Islamic Republic, who works out efficiently for independent Jerusalem, who takes unprecedented efforts in bringing peace in Afghanistan and who fights for world peace and prosperity, has been failed maintaining peace at home.

Every individual feels great anger while shouting whom to claim the murderer: the one, cruel person, who is still not arrested and enjoying the lawlessness of the country or the police who knows to do corruption only. It is really sad to explain that the concerned authorities; including police did not perform a required duty of searching for Zainab, even though they were given CCTV videos of the culprit. Had police been working efficiently and honestly, the flowery Zainab would have met her loving parents.


Shikarpur, January 17.