While Pakistan is confronted with threats from its arch enemy India, which in nexus with Israel and USA has assumed threatening postures and engaged in war mongering, our political leadership and paid bureaucracy continue in their petty games. This country owes only to selfless leaders like Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal and all those who actively participated in constitutional struggle waged by Founding Fathers. Or those like Major Aziz Bhatti, Shabbir Sharif etc and ordinary citizens like Swat’s Aitzaz who laid down their lives; not to those who having benefited most have betrayed it by choosing to move their assets and families abroad. 

While large majority of Pakistani origin expatriates who earn their livelihood abroad and remit part of their savings to aid their family back home, the few who all their lives minted billions both legally and illegally in this country are involved in transferring their wealth to foreign lands and in money laundering. Pakistan owes nothing to likes of Musharraf, Zahid Ali Akbar, Zia, Shahid Rafi, Mansoor ul Haq, Akhtar Rahman, Capt Naseer, Tariq Azeem, Farooqi, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif,etc who owe all they have to this country but have never bothered to ask themselves what they have given back to this nation. 

All those who chose to live in Pakistan have benefited economically from vast opportunities offered to them and the evacuee property left behind by affluent Hindus. Those who lived in walled cities of Delhi, Agra, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot etc where large majority of Muslims lived in pre-partition India today live in houses spread over acres. If Pakistan is to survive as sovereign independent country, it must ensure that all those who hold public offices of importance, impacting fate of millions of Pakistanis, must have undivided loyalty to this country. 


Lahore, January 16.