Kandhkot - The district administration and market committees have completely failed to control the increasing prices of food items, leaving the people at the mercy of profiteers. 

It has been noticed that price lists are not issued to the retailers and wholesellers regularly despite the fact that it is the duty of  assistant commissioners and market committees inspectors to issue price lists on daily basis and check whether these lists were displayed or hidden.

The officials concerned visit markets less frequently, giving an opportunity to the shopkeepers to sell their items at higher rates. Similarly the retailers and wholesellers make the most of district administration’s leniency.

Furthermore, neither there is a consumer protection mechanism in place, which could help reduce the price hike nor is there any regularity authority to check the quality of food items.

It is worth mentioning here that people also have no idea about the departments whose duty is to check the market prices and keep these within customers’ reach.

Corruption, nepotism,  incompetency and lack of interest have affected functioning of the concerned departments and raised several questions over their credibility.

Similarly due to negligence on the part of authorities concerned, the sale of unhygienic mutton and beef also continues unchecked.  Here the question arises as to why the district administration is unaware about what is happening at markets.