KARACHI - A total of 105 men, affiliated with different religious and political parties, had been killed in Sindh during the first 6 months of 2009, besides those who were killed over personal confrontation and enmity, The Nation learnt on Saturday. A report prepared by Sindh government with the help of investigating agencies and police department revealed that most of the incidents were political/religious motivated killings. In January 2009, two men were killed including Zafar of MQM and Agha Ashraf of ANP on January 18 and 21 respectively. In February, 3 men were targeted by some unknown assailants. These three were affiliated with PPP, Shia sect, and MQM. The names of deceased were Farrukh, Aseem, and Intishar who were killed on February 8, 20, and 24 respectively. In March, total 7 men were killed including Hanif and Abdul Salam of PPP, Mohammad Shahzad and Ayaz Baig of ANP, and Nadeem, Muhammad Shehanshah, and Zeeshan of MQM. April witnessed 14 dead bodies which include 2 of PPP, 6 of MQM, one of PML-N, one of MQM-H, 3 of ANP, and 1 of Deoband/Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP). The names of deceased were Shams Behari, Kamal Hussain, Muzzamil, Mazharul Hasan, Rizwan, Shahrukh Rasool, Sohail Khattak, Aurangzeb, Muhammad Zafar, Azfar Rasheed, Ejaz Hussian, Shahid, Khalil, and Deen. In May, total 11 men were killed including Nadeem, Pervez, Salahuddin, and Amanullah of SSP (defunct) while 2 of them were also affiliated with PPP, Ghafoor, Jumma Khan and Abbas of PPP, Adil Kazmi and Zeeshan of MQM, Munir Baloch of JSQM, Tausif Ahmed of Sunni Tehreek who was also affiliated with MQM-H. June was the deadliest month, as total 68 men were killed by unknown assailants as well as by exchange of fire between rival political and religious parties. The deceased include 5 of PPP, 14 of MQM, 2 of PML-N, 32 of MQM-H, one of Sunni Tehreek, 3 of JSQM/STPP, one of SNP, 2 of JI/IJT, one of PTI, one of BNA/BLA, one of PPP-SB, and 5 of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The names of MQM-H men, who were killed in June, were Aaman Ahmed, Naveed, Seema, Yaseen, Farasat, Adeel, Nabi Qureshi, Abdul Aziz, Sanaullah, Babar, Saleemuddin, Shehzad, Nadeem, Jameel, Noman, Naseem, Zahid, Saiful Haq, Amir, Tariq, Waheed, Raees, Asghar, Abdullah, Farooq, Naveed, Maroof, Asif, Junaid Khan, Abdul Naeem, Tariq Hameed and Asif Ejaz. The activists of MQM, who were killed in June, were Arshad, Khalid, Khan Sher Khan, Ajmal, Farooq, Razaullah, Faqir Muhammad, Sibtain Raza, Ali Abbas, Faheem, Atiq, Syed Munawwar, Yousuf, and Abdul Rasheed. While the activists of PPP killed in June were Riaz, Nadeem, Abdul Naeem, Irfan, Muhammad Riaz and Latif Ghomro of PPP-SB. Kafeel of PML-N, Nazeer Sajid of JI, Hassan Akhtar of IJT, Gul Muhammad of SNP, Khairuddin of JSQM, Shakeel of ST, Arif Mashwani of PTI, Muhammad Barat and Hassan Ali of STPP, Qurban Marri of BLA, and Shah Hussain, Shahid Khan and 3 unidentified persons of TTP.