ISLAMABAD (APP) - Three new power generation plants currently on test generation would start contributing 600mw power in the system in the mid of current month said, Managing Director Pakistan Electric Power Company Tahir Basharat Cheema on Saturday. Talking to a private TV channel, he said, New power generation plants Atlas, Orient and Technoone in Lahore are on successful test generation nowadays. He was of the view that only July and August are difficult month for consumer and after that supply of the electricity would start improving. Loadshedding would be exterminated completely by December 2009, he added. He urged power consumers to cooperate and ensure minimised usage of Acs to cope with power deficit emerged due to a fault in Mangla power generation plant. Due to closure of Mangla dam power plants, the systems is facing 1100mw deficit of electricity. The MD said in the time of high temperature about 5000 MW are being used for running the air-conditioner in the country. Cheema said efforts are underway to arrange 650mw additional power from Tarbela and by enhancing the efficiency of gas power plants to obviate the effects of Mangla plant closure.