KARACHI - A black cobra was finally caught by Edhi volunteers on Saturday which had entered a poultry farm at Rahim Goth on Saturday. According to details, a black cobra spread scare at Rahim Goth, Sarjani Town, on Saturday evening at around 6:00pm. Area people informed the Edhi service at Sohrab Goth that an 8 to 10 feet long and some 4 to 5 inch wide cobra entered a poultry farm at Raheem Goth. On information, the Edhi volunteers reached the scene and caught the cobra, and then took it back to Edhi Centre, Sohrab Goth. The cobra had eaten some 8 to 10 chickens before it was caught, but we dont know what to do with this cobra, but we are thinking to free it in a day or two, told the Edhi volunteer.