BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq on Saturday ruled out foreign involvement in its efforts to reconcile rival factions, just after visiting US Vice President Joe Biden urged Iraqis to do more to bury grievances and stave off renewed conflict. Biden, on a three-day visit, offered US help in what he said was a long road ahead in uniting a country deeply split by years of sectarian war and riven by violence. We made it clear that national reconciliation is an Iraqi issue and involvement of a non-Iraqi party wont make it more successful, said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh. There is sensitivity in the national reconciliation issue about involving non-Iraqi actors, he told reporters at a meeting in Baghdads heavily fortified Green Zone. National reconciliation, for sure, doesnt include the Baath Party. The Baath Party is rejected by all Iraqis, Dabbagh said. We are talking about individuals, not accused of killing, torture or crimes against Iraqis, who joined the Baath Party. (Those) will have all the political rights others enjoy. On the third day of his visit, Baghdad still cloaked in a lengthy sandstorms that has thwarted many of his planned visits, Biden met US troops preparing to mark their Independence Day holiday on Saturday. Biden, who US President Barack Obama has asked to take a leading role in coordinating US Iraq policy, also presided over a naturalisation ceremony for 237 soldiers from 59 countries taking an oath of US citizenship. The US VP said Iraq has a hard road ahead if it is to heal the divisions that spurred six years of bloodshed and achieve lasting peace. ...Iraq has travelled a great distance in the past year, but there is a hard road ahead if Iraq is to find lasting peace and stability. Its not over yet, Biden said. There are still political steps that must be taken. Iraqis must use the political process to resolve their remaining differences. We stand ready - if asked and if helpful - to help in that process. Hours before he spoke, supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr paraded through a Baghdad slum and chanted anti-American slogans to protest against his visit. The enemies of Iraq want to again reignite sectarian violence ... They will fail, Biden said. Reacting to Biden, Malikis office issued a statement defending his record on reconciliation. Maliki has wooed Sunni politicians with a crackdwon on Shiite militias last year and an amnesty law that released of thousands of Sunni prisoners. Meanwhile, a Kurdish militiaman, Turkman policeman and two Sunni Arab civilians have been killed in three separate gun attacks with the use of silencers in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, police said on Saturday. Assailants gunned down Bassem Abbas al-Bayati, a policeman of Turkman origin, said police Lt-Col Kamel Ahmad. A Kurdish peshmerga fighter, Karwan Jumaa Hussein, was killed the same way in northern Kirkuk, and two Sunni brothers, Shehab and Bilal al-Mufurdji, were shot dead in an eastern district of the city late on Friday.