US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday that the Pakistani governments crackdown on the Taliban had helped American security, saying, Anything that cracks down on the Taliban helps. According to the CNN, she responding to a question regarding the impact the Pakistani governments recent crackdown on the Taliban, centred in the Swat region of North West Frontier Province, has had on US security. Janet Napolitano said, The key concept is, you just cant start protecting the homeland at the borders of the United States. Napolitano said she was in Pakistan to discuss with Pakistani leaders the fight against terrorism, as well as how the two countries shared information. Pakistan is a trans-national route, she explained, noting that it is a route for drug and human trafficking that may end up in the United States. Anything that is being done to make Pakistan safe and secure ... also helps us in the United States, she remarked. She said the US has minimised the risk of those in Taliban training camps coming to the United States. However, she remarked, We can never totally eliminate that risk because there are too many ways to enter the United States. Napolitano said the American officials were working on several issues with Pakistani counterparts, including ways to monitor who is travelling from Pakistan to the United States, as well as the protection of Pakistans own borders. US officials are using some of the techniques and expertise developed in the back in their country to help Pakistan, she said. Asked whether Pakistani leaders had expressed concerns about the tactics the United States has used in trying to achieve its goals in Pakistan, she said they had not. There was no concern expressed, she said of her recent meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari. The connection between what happens here and how it looks around the world to the United States is very, very clear, she said.