LAHORE - Indonesian Ambassador Ishak Latuconsina has invited Pakistani business companies to take the initiative and invest in various economic sectors in Indonesia as Pakistani products have a good market there and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry should motivate its members to pay attention to enhance trade with Indonesia. The Ambassador was speaking at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday. LCCI President Mian Muzaffar Ali, former Presidents Shahzada Alam Mannoo and Shahid Hassan Sheikh also spoke on the occasion. Ishak Latuconsina said that Indonesia as an integrated market provides enormous potential to Pakistani businessmen with its liberal trade and investment policies. This is the right time to accelerate efforts to expand and explore new areas of cooperation. He said that realizing the importance of Pakistan, as a big emerging market in the South Asian region, the Indonesia corporate sector desires to further expand trade relations in all the fields with the Pakistani businessmen. He said that Punjab is one of the most modern industrial cities of Pakistan. The cities like Lahore, Sialkot, Gujrat and Gujranwala are playing a key role in the national economy since they generate big revenue for the national exchequer with their huge exports. The diplomat said that economic ties and bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Pakistan have continued to strengthen over the years, supported by the state visit of respective Presidents and by various bilateral agreements. He stressed the need for exchange of trade delegations from both the sides to enhance the volume of two-way trade. Speaking on the occasion, the LCCI president said that although trade between Pakistan and Indonesia has been gradually growing since 2004-05, it is still at a very low level in view of the size of the markets of the two countries. He said Pakistan has always experienced a deficit balance of trade with Indonesia. Indonesias import from Pakistan need to be increased to create a win - win situation for both the countries. He said that keeping in view the market potential of the two countries a lot of progress can be made on trade front through boosting up the existing trade and identification of new tradable items between the two countries. To cater to the requirements of Pakistani market, rubber & rubber products and accessories of motor vehicles can be exported by Indonesia, whereas Pakistan has a comparative advantage in textile, surgical instruments, leather products, sports goods, some fruits & vegetables, rice etc., which can be exported to Indonesia on a larger scale. The LCCI president said that this was possible through active engagement of the Chambers of Commerce & Industry of the two countries, frequent exchange of economic and trade delegations to identify the areas of mutual interests, arranging of single country exhibitions and socio-cultural programmes in each others country. The establishment of a joint business forum comprising representatives of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of both the countries with enhanced business-to-business contacts can give a boost to the bilateral trade. The LCCI president said that there is a lot of scope for Indonesia to make investment in Pakistan. Indonesia has a fairly advanced petro-chemical, rubber, plywood, telecommunication and tourism industry. Indonesia can make direct investment in these industries and can also enter into joint-ventures with Pakistani counterparts.