LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League-Q dissidents have challenged the recently-formulated General Council and the election announced by the Q-League leadership. The dissident group met here at the residence of senior PML-Q leader Humayun Akhtar Khan, who while talking to The Nation on Saturday, accused the PML-Q leadership of constituting General Council through handpicked men. "We are challenging the election process, and the Council because it has been formed at Gujrat sans taking anybody into confidence, he said, who was accompanied by Saleem Saifullah, being tipped as the President of the splinter group. On the other hand, Hamid Nasir Chattha is said to be their would-be Chairman. This is for the first time that these people had openly spoken against the Chaudhrys. 'Now it is all up to the Chaudhrys whether they will like to keep the PML-Q united or divided, said Humayun, while raising serious doubts about the constitution of the Council by showing ignorance about its formation process. 'We have been against turning the Q-League in to a family party. Secondly, we want that the party leadership should be given to any of the small provinces, he said, while terming the Council as behind-the-doors activity for which nobody had been taken into confidence. Humayun Akhtar said the group met for consultation, and bigger chunk of the party was with them. PML-Q leader Kamil Ali Agha, while reacting to the Press conference, said a few elements wanted to change the leadership through conspiracy, which was undemocratic. 'The final stage of the election is on July 8, while this process has been continuing for the last four months, which actually started from the Union Council level to the Districts. 'The chosen district leadership makes the provincial council, he said, while negating Humayuns assertion that the dissidents did not know anything about the process, and they were not taken into confidence. Monitoring Desk adds: According to a private TV channel, during the meeting, PML-Q leader Iqbal Dar also hit out at the central leadership of the party, saying, Ch Shujaat Hussain is not eligible for the presidency for the third time. Commenting on the rifts in party, Mushahid Hussain said PML-Q General Council will take up decision in line with the party constitution, as the party is democratic in nature and decision regarding the party leadership would be made in this very month. Mushahid said if anyone wants to be on the helm of affairs of party, he should contest Ch Shujaat, adding the decisions regarding the offices cannot be made in the drawing rooms. Mushahid urged the absconding PML-Q leaders to return to party.