ISLAMABAD (APP) - A month-long summer art show by 4 artists with a collection of 26 works was put on display by Nomad Art Gallery here Saturday. The show will continue till July 27th featuring diverse ideas of artistic talents including Ufaq Ehsan, Samina Jamshed, Mughees Riaz and Anjum Ayub.Mughees Riaz works with the medium of oil on canvas to explore nature through the genre of landscapes, creating aesthetically beautiful works of art motivated by his relationship with his surroundings. The viewers can find boats on the banks of river, comfortably inducted buffaloes and birds as an attribute of 'hope personified in several cultures. These paintings reveal a painter who continues to strengthen his technique and skill in the application of colour and his engagement with form. Among the collection of his artworks, Mughees has painted a series Sunset in which his huge size canvases present an eye-catching view of the dreamy landscape carrying water, trees, crow and a few serene effects. The effect of water in his paintings predominates with a changing tempo. Other works are titled as Tree, Sleeping Dog, Seated Buffalo and Boat in Mist etc. My work is simple reflection of my inspiration, as I always wanted to amalgamate nature with my inner feelings. Fascinated by nature, I always derive immense satisfaction and please while capturing the wideness of sky, tranquillity of rovers and peace and serenity of the field, the artist said while commenting on his work. Buffaloes cows, brownfield, pink sky, specially sunset always compels me to paint and express my love for nature and I pour my passion into these subject, he added. Mughees has presented landscape paintings like sensitive works as he used the medium for dreamy impacts and managed to hold fleeting movements captured by a stroke in the flame of time, said Nageen Hyat, Director NAG. She said, The artists work is planned well and executed brilliantly through delicately spreaded colours which makes him the master of this medium. Anjum Ayub is a print maker who uses the technique of etching, dry point, sugar lift, mono textures and aquatint and works with human study, expressing her ideas in black and white paintings while adding some striking colours to depict life. I paint what I see - but I use more than my eyes to see. Memories can be as vivid as objects. Ambience can be as real as landscapes. Moods can be colours. The soul can have a face. Experiences can be rooms that are personal on paper as well as in the mind, said Anjum Ayub. She said that I enjoy working with colours and textures using different methods and the combination of my approach to technique with the eternal beauty and values of nature, can create a kind of sanctuary for the soul. These prints are the product of my ideas, style, spirit, personality and conscience - none of which can be expressed without the other, she added. Samina Jamshed works with bright colours and what makes her work more unique that she experiments with different mediums. Her bold line work with delicate detail remind of Davids work. While the artist, Ufaq Ehsan has presented her collection with vibrant coloured abstracts adding reddish eye-catching hues. She takes colours, music, symbols, motherhood, Sufism and mysticism as great inspirations for her. The artist put Motherhood, Memories, Shadows, Red Sunflower, Whispers and a few untitled paintings on display.