ISLAMABAD - Over all inflation soared up by 10 per cent during the last week ended on July 2 in comparison with the corresponding period of the last year. Experts believe that hike in prices of petroleum products is the main reason for increase in the inflation. Federal Bureau of Statistic released the latest inflation figures, measured through Sensitive Price Index, here on Saturday showing a growth of 9.92 per cent in inflation over the year. However, the prices swelled by one per cent on week-on-week basis. On July 1, the government increased the prices of petroleum products by 10 to 15 per cent and after that price of other commodities also started increasing. The prices of vegetables, fruits and other food items skyrocketed within a few days. The inflation for the lowest income group with just Rs 3000 income ballooned by 9.67 per cent on July 2, over a year ago while it enhanced by 0.71 per cent on weekly basis. For the second lowest income group (Rs 5000/month) the SPI on yearly basis soared by 10.16 per cent and the income group of up to Rs 12000 per month saw a growth of 11.75 per cent. On year-on-year basis, the inflation accelerated by 10.25 per cent for the highest income group of above Rs 12000. On weekly basis it surged by 1.63 per cent for the same group. According to Federal Bureau of Statistics bulletin, prices of 26 items soared; only 4 decreased while 23 commodities remained unchanged on week-on-week basis. The major increase was in prices of garlic, tomatoes, chicken, petroleum products, potatoes, pulses chicken and cigarettes in a week time. The following goods prices increased both on yearly and weekly basis. On yearly basis, the goods witnessing growth include, garlic 60.98 per cent, tomatoes 82.21 per cent, diesel 14.24 per cent, kerosene 12 per cent, potatoes 15.50 per cent, mash pulse washed 30.14 per cent, chicken 16.50 per cent, cigarettes (k-2) 18.89 per cent, gur 93.91 per cent, egg 3.30 per cent, tea packet 24.73 per cent, curd 18.51 per cent, onions 40.65 per cent, tea prepared 18.86 per cent, masoor pulse washed 4.65 per cent, milk fresh 18.25 per cent, cooked dal plate 12.90 per cent, sugar 50.87 per cent, beef 19.18 per cent, mutton 15.22 per cent and wheat 15.88 per cent. On year-on-year and on weekly pattern the following commodities prices decreased: red chillies 32.34 per cent, vegetable ghee 19.49 per cent and rice basmati broken 18.19 per cent. The following items prices remained unchanged on weekly basis but surged on an annual pattern: Wheat average quality 12.67 per cent, bread plain 17.54 per cent, milk powdered Nido 12.50 per cent and salt 19.93 per cent.