KARACHI - The Women Development Department of Sindh govt has prepared its performance report of outgoing financial year 2008-09. The report highlights the development projects initiated for women uplift. However, 16 projects which were initiated by the present govt, as well as during the previous regime, were included in the report. According to a copy of report available with The Nation, lots of projects included in the report were still not approved by the concerned forums of provincial government. A project to compile report on women trafficking in Sindh, which was a part of Annual Development Programme (ADP) of FY2007-08, were also included in the report with remarks that consultant of this project has been appointed during present government. The main objective of the scheme was to know the ground realities and get correct statistics to minimise and eventually eliminate the women trafficking in the province. The survey to collect statistics of women trafficking was under process. Furthermore, a project, establishment of working women hostel at Karachi could not be implemented in FY2008-09, but it has been made part of FY09-10 ADP. The process of PC-1 of the above project was underway as this project envisages to provide accommodation facilities to working women from the far flung areas of Sindh on subsidised rates, which will boost the economic empowerment of women and it is in accordance with the policies of government and millennium development goals. Similarly, another scheme, Establishment of Women Development Complex at divisional level was also not approved in the ongoing fiscal year. Meanwhile, Sindh Women Economic Empowerment Project (SWEEP) was also on the stage of approval. The main objective of this project was to organise and strengthen 200 crafts women clusters and 200 other potential clusters, and to provide training in skill and micro entrepreneurship, develop market linkages and explore new channels for sustainable income generation. Similarly, another project, Advocacy for Women in Sindh was still on the stage of approval. This project was meant to launch advocacy to various sectors of the society including police, home department, jail administration, MPAs, parliamentarians, government officers for legal, social, economic and political empowerment of women. According to an official, the majority of the projects which could not be approved in FY2008-09, have been made part of ADP of FY2009-10 as new projects.