KASUR-Poor sewage system in more than 50 percent areas of Kasur district has been causing multiple problems for the residents, calling into question the performance of the Municipal Committee and local bodies representatives.

During a survey of various areas of Kasur, this correspondent talked to the residents who vent off their anger against the poor performance and apathy of the local bodies representatives. They said that choked sewage system often leaves most of the streets impassible due to accumulation of dirty water.

“Even few drops of rain leads the areas to be flooded with sewage and rainwater,” they regretted.

The public, at large, expressed their disappointment with the Municipal Committee’s negligence and widespread apathy. The citizens protested and demanded the caretaker chief minister to take notice of the critical situation. According to the resident, the Municipal Committee Kasur appears to be ridiculing the public through its inability. “Instead of providing relief to the public, they are busy filling their pockets with fake bills and illegal income of sanitation staff,” they alleged.

During the survey it was learnt that sanitation conditions are more than worst in Kasur and residents were heard accusing the MC authorities of adding to their problems. “Such worst situation has never been witnessed in Kasur before,” claimed a local notable. He pointed out that half of the sewerage lines in the area have been blocked due to poor sanitation, which normally results in overflowing of the sewage system.

Moreover, the accumulated sewage also gets mixed with drinking water by seeping into water supply lines, forcing the public to use contaminated water.

The residents claimed they have complained to the MC officials time and again but it seems their hue and cry always fall on the deaf ears of the authorities concerned. They demanded the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner Lahore Division to order immediate remedial steps to rid the areas of the sewage problems.