HAFIZABAD   -   The District Officer Civil Defence has directed all the owners of filling stations and restaurants to ensure fire safety arrangements on their premises to save life and property in case of any emergency.

The officer Ghulam Mustafa challaned a filling station and three restaurants and directed all the owners of big traders, hotels, restaurants and filling stations to ensure provision of fire safety, medical safety and other arrangements to meet any eventuality. He warned that it they failed to provide safety arrangements they would be dealt with sternly.


Computer Embroidery Association Hafizabad district has called upon the government to withdraw GST and other taxes on this industry, which, they said, was already on the verge of liquidation.

President of the association Haji Amanullah and other office-bearers said that millions of people were connected in this industry which was already facing crises due to one or other reason and the imposition of GST and other heavy taxes on this industry would force the owners and workers to starvation. They said that if the GST and other taxes would not be withdrawn they would be constrained to resort to strikes and sit-in demonstration. They called upon the Prime Minister to intervene and save them from starvation.