LAHORE - Capital City Police Officer Amin Wains has praised Cantonment SP Bilal Zafar for carrying out a grand operation against criminals in May.

Other divisions should follow the anti-crime strategy of the Cantonment Division, he said. According to a press release, the Cantonment Division showed excellent performance in May and arrested dangerous criminals.  SP Bilal Zafar says, “We seized four Kalashnikovs, 11 rifles, 86 pistols and 1,355 bullets during the grand operation against illegal weapons. Fifteen proclaimed offenders of A category and 82 of B category were also arrested. The Cantonment Division recovered more than Rs4.5 million during the operation against robbers who targeted innocent citizens. Police also arrested 122 accused and recovered 36kg chars, 1,000 litres of liquor and 2kg heroin from them.

The Cantonment Division recovered Rs300,000 after arresting 122 gamblers. Police also registered 41 cases over violation of tenant act and five cases over violation of loudspeaker act. Police checked more than 35,000 persons, 73,000 bikes and 53,000 cars during 90 search operations.”

Bilal Zafar says that overall law and order situation in the Cantonment Division was satisfactory in May.