DUESSELDORF (AFP) - A German court on Thursday jailed four people who dreamed of mounting a second September 11 for a thwarted plot to attack US soldiers and civilians in Germany. Sentencing the four who included two German converts to Islam to between five and 12 years, judge Ottmar Breidling said they planned to stage a monstrous bloodbath with car bombings in German cities. In what Breidling called the biggest terror plot in German post-war history, the four were convicted in a high-security courtroom in the western city of Duesseldorf after a more than 10-month trial. The two German converts to Islam, Fritz Gelowicz and Daniel Schneider, each received 12-year jail terms. Adem Yilmaz, a Turkish citizen, got 11 years while Atilla Selek, a German of Turkish origin, was given five years in prison for what the court called a supporting role in the plot. The judges stopped short of handing down the maximum 15 years because the defendants had confessed. The bearded men sat impassively as the sentences were read out. Breidling said the convicted, now aged 24 to 31, had schemed to carry out an extraordinarily dangerous and sweeping attack plot with visions of mounting a second September 11, 2001. If the accused had managed to do what they planned, it would have led to a monstrous bloodbath, primarily among US army personnel and also civilians, he said. Apparently a not even rudimentary knowledge of Islam is enough for such blind extremists to turn themselves into angels of death in the name of Islam. Proposed targets included pubs and nightclubs in several German cities frequented by Americans but also US airbases and diplomatic facilities. Breidling said there were now in Europe many impressionable young men and men who have already been led astray, ready to kill for notions of Jihad.