LONDON A five-year-old British boy from Oldham city of Britain has been kidnapped while on holiday in Pakistan. Sahil Saeed was snatched and held to ransom in a terrifying armed raid at the family home in a small village of Jhelum where he was staying. Four robbers, armed with guns and hand grenades, have demanded 100,000 from his father, Raja Naggash Saeed, for Sahils safe return. They originally issued a deadline of 9 am, British Standard Time, Wednesday. Saeed was waiting for a phone call on Thursday from the kidnappers with further instructions. Saeed said the robbers broke into the family home and subjected them to a six-hour ordeal during which they were held hostage at gunpoint, beaten, slapped and kicked. He said they demanded money and jewellery and unhappy with what the family could hand over, took the boy, telling him that if he did not provide cash the childs safety could not be guaranteed. The abductors are reported to have broken in to the home at 11 pm local time Wednesday and held the family at gunpoint through the night before leaving with Sahil. The family, who are thought to have been staying with the boys grandmother, had been due to fly back to Oldham today (Friday). Authorities are investigating the matter and police are said to have been with the family throughout the morning. A Foreign Office Spokeswoman Natasha Khan told The Nation, We are providing consular assistance and we have spoken with the father and the police, while a spokesman for the British High Commission in Islamabad added, A five-year-old boy has been kidnapped in Punjab, we think during a robbery. We are continually monitoring the situation. He said the family had been due to fly back to Britain on Thursday following a two-week visit. AFP/Reuters add: The boys father, Saeed, told the BBC he was ready to swap places with his son. I dont have anything, I dont have any money at all, so how can I arrange big money for them, he said. Abdul Mateen, a local police official, said, It was a robbery case. The people had come from Britain and were supposed to leave last night. They had hired a private taxi and were supposed to leave at 4 am (Thursday).