HOLLYWOOD (AFP) - Sandra Bullock is on the brink of a rare double this weekend which could see her become the first actress to win an Oscar and a slightly less-coveted Razzie award in the space of 24 hours. The 45-year-old star is regarded as the favorite to win the best actress prize at Sundays Oscars for her performance in The Blind Side, a role which has already won Bullock a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. However, the popular leading lady is also expected to see one of her less successful roles honored at Saturdays Golden Raspberry Awards, the irreverent Oscars parody intended as an annual salute to Hollywoods worst of the worst. Bullock is up for a Razzie for her performance in the romantic comedy All About Steve, which suffered a critical savaging on its release last year. Unlike most celebrity Razzie winners who usually steer well clear of the awards Bullock has vowed to attend on Saturday if she wins. Its exactly the way it should have happened because its a great leveler, Bullock said last month. If you dont show up for something like the Razzies then youre a little hypocritical. You cant just show up for the good stuff. Bullocks willingness to laugh at herself is one of the reasons why she is widely expected to pip Meryl Streep for Sundays best actress Oscar. Oscars voters have responded to the storyline of her personal journey this year, where she is widely perceived as being deserving of an Oscar after an outstanding year where she has starred in two hit films. Sandra Bullock won the Globes, she won the SAG. Shes won over Hollywood, said Tom ONeil, an award season pundit with the Los Angeles Timess theenvelope.com. There seems to be a consensus that shes got it. This is a great reminder that the Oscars are not always awarded to the best movie or best performances of the year. Sometimes it comes down to whose turn it is. And the feeling is its Sandras turn. For Bullock, this years accolades are a handsome vindication of a mantra she has lived by throughout her career: Expect as good as you give. The actress revealed recently she kept that motivational maxim by her bedside as a reminder to keep pushing herself to bigger and better things. I used to be a control freak where every minute of my life was planned out and nothing ever went according to plan, Bullock said at a luncheon for Oscar nominees last month. So the day came that I sort of said If I get up and Im breathing and Im happy then I know its going to be a good day. And also for many years I had a little note beside my bed which said 'Expect as good as you give. Bullocks performance in The Blind Side, where she plays Leigh Anne Tuohy, a feisty southern matriarch who mentors a troubled teenager and sets him on the road to an American football career, has helped rewrite Hollywood law. The film is the first movie carried by a female lead to do big business at the box office, becoming the first to break the 200 million dollar barrier. Despite being one of Hollywoods best-paid actresses, Bullock says she does not let money govern her artistic choices. Everyone says 'I dont care about money but look: Ive been blessed with crazy money but a lot of times it was attached to films that werent great, Bullock told reporters. So I decided to stop several years ago and start from scratch at starting scale pay. I feel more comfortable taking pay on the back end. If the film is successful it will work out, but you dont have to pay me up front. So that everyone who has faith in the project gets rewarded. To me that makes more sense. Its an investment in my work.