ISLAMABAD - The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) held a seminar on 'Emotional Intelligence here on Thursday. The Centre for Career Counselling & Advisory of NUST had organised the seminar. Rector NUST, Lt General Engineer Muhammad Asghar had delivered the keynote address on the occasion. Dr. Farah Malik, Head of the Psychology Department of the Government College University (GCU), Lahore, Miss Mauna Gauhar, Mental Health Professional and Corporate Trainer Dr. Siham Sikandar were among the key speakers on the occasion. The seminar was attended by a large number of the students and faculty members NUST Rector, Engineer Muhammad Asghar explained the spiritual psychology of Islam. He said that expression 'spiritual psychology covers the vast realm of the human spirit with its almost illimitable frontiers. The spiritual doctors divide soul into three parts or overlapping centres of energy namely 'nafs, qalb and ruh. He explained that the 'nafs is the name selfishness, the force that binds human beings to the physical existence. It consists of the desire to fulfil the physical body needs like food, drink, rest, sleep and sex. It has the urges of self-preservation, self-perpetuation and self-aggrandisement. The 'nafs is the connecting link between the physical body and the intelligent mind. 'nafs by its nature pulls human being down and can lead them to the status of 'Asfal al Safaleen. He said that 'ruh is the net energy centre. It is the exact opposite of the 'nafs. The 'ruh is the breath of God. Its very essence is the love of God and hence it always pulls the humans upward towards God. God says, My mercy prevails over my anger. This is reflected in human soul in the form of selflessness, sincerity and generosity etc. The knowledge of 'ruh is purely intuitive and it can be acquired through spiritual practices. It enjoys spiritual practices. It enjoys the highest degree of certainty of knowledge. He explained that 'qalb is the intelligent and discriminating-self. It lies between 'nafs and 'ruh. It is the main instrument of the mind covering reason, imagination, memory, wisdom etc. he said the human beings accountability relates to the functioning of the 'qalb. Lt Gen Muhammad Asghar further said that the journey beyond the soul mounts on the horse of 'nafs. Eternal peace lies in union with God and communion with God. Director CA Brig (R) Ubric Marvin Cornelius in his welcome address said that the emotional intelligence plays a vital role in defining the course of action and shaping the human beings destiny throughout their lives.