ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) will release the book titled In Defence of Peace, Poetry and Culture in the three-day International Conference on Sufism and Peace scheduled to be held on March 14. Pakistan has a centuries old tradition of preservation of culture and peace. In our days, the term, 'resistance, defines this tradition hich is the tradition of great sufi poets, said Fakhar Zaman, Chairman PAL. Shah Hussain, Shah Latif Bhatai, Rehman Baba, Jam Durrak, Sacchal Sami, Bulleh Shah, Ahmad Rahi, Faiz, Gulkhan Naseer, Ghani Khan, Sheikh Ayaz and then of Lorka, Gorki, Neruda, Nazim Hikmat and Ilya Ehrenberg are of the links of the same chain, he added. Fakhar Zaman said that the resistance related to peace and culture has remained, and is, own tradition as well. Poems and novels or political activism are the creation and continuity of this tradition. He said that the present conference is a logical continuation of all the previous Conferences, inner dialectical continuation. Whatever were the titles of previous conferences; they were based on the movement of culture and peace. The book brilliantly compiled and edited by Ahmad Salim is an honest effort to view all this history and tradition of resistance in the historical perspective and continuation. He said that all the progressive writers and poets of all the languages of Pakistan and India, Faiz, Mulk Raj Anand, Rajinder Singh Bedi and Gurbakhsh Singh are few names with which attached is the name of Arundhati Roy of our times. He said that this book would be a milestone in the peace efforts. It includes a selection of representative articles presented in various conferences on peace during 1932 to 2009. It is started by Maxim Ghorki and continues till date. The book is divided into six chapters according to the conferences held in past. Fakhar Zaman is the chief editor while Ahmad Salim is the editor of this book.