KARACHI - Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro on Thursday accused Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz for dividing the lawyers fraternity for its political interests. Addressing a press conference here at Sindh Bar Council (SBC) office in the premises of Sindh High Court, he said that the PML-N had lost its political weight in the masses therefore it was now using the lawyers platform to hatch conspiracy against the government, while some lawyers representatives were also working on its agenda to destabilise the democratic government. Soomro was addressing his first ever press conference as Vice Chairman of SBC. He said a particular group of so-called lawyers leaders and as well as a group of media had been working on the same agenda and hatching conspiracies against the government. Commenting over the corruptions in SBC, he alleged that corruption has been done by the previous office bearers and despite being a welfare body, so far no initiative has been taken for the welfare of the lawyers community. He further said that few officials of SBC got benefits by the said council but done nothing for the needful lawyers who were now busy criticising the democratic government. Soomro said that a transparent audit would be made of SBC through an expert auditor to expose the real people involved in corruption. I have been associated with the law profession since long and had been elected as president of Larkana Bar Association for 10 times but now some people, who have no credibility, are challenging my status as a member of SBC, he added. He said that the SBC with the support of the government would take initiatives for the welfare of lawyers but some critics were criticising government without any obvious reason. It is worth mentioning here that the provincial law minister and Ali Mohammad Dairy were elected as vice chairmen of SBC for six months each, as both were declared winners after getting equal number of votes in the SBC elections held on February 20 last. Soomro said that he would try his level best to serve the bar, and as a provincial minister he would play his role for the betterment and welfare of the lawyers fraternity. I will make my efforts to get special grant from the government to establish a hostel and an office for SBC and soon a delegation of SBC will meet the President and the Prime Minister in this regard, he added. He also announced that within a week all members of the SBC would be assigned as justice of peace at their respected areas. Talking over the constitutional petitions filed against him in the high court challenging his eligibility as member of SBC, he said that according to the Constitution, he could take dual posts as member of assembly and SBC. I am not the first one who hold both the offices at a time. Being a senator Farooq Naik was also the member of Pakistan Bar Council, similarly Aitzaz Ahsan was holding membership of both the institutions, and many other examples have been witnessed in the past. Later, other members of SBC and other lawyers representatives Fazal Qadir Memon, Lala Yaseen, Salahuddin Ahmed Gandapur, former secretary of Karachi Bar Association Naeem Qureshi, Munsif Jan, Rehmat Nadeem A Awan and others also addressed the conference.