KARACHI - Sindh High Court on Tuesday extended the suspension of transfer order of police inspector of Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU), with the direction of the respondents to submit their explanations within four weeks. DSP Zaheer Ahmed from BDU appeared before the division bench of SHC comprising Justice Mushir Alam and Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi on the behalf of SP of BDU and requested to grant him further time to submit the comments from the unit. The court granted his request and directed to submit the comments in the next hearing. In the previous hearing, the court issued notice to Home Secretary, I.G Sindh police, DIG Special Branch and respondents, seeking explanations, after the preliminary hearing the comments of Advocate Javid Ahmed Chattari, counselling on the behalf of the petitioner. The plaintiff, BDU inspector Munir Sheikh moved a petition, challenging his transfer to Sukkur, by submitting that his transfer order was issued by the higher ups following his statement on the media, wherein he admitted that the BDU lacks modern equipment. The petitioners counsel Chattari submitted that Inspector Sheikh was transferred to Sukkur as punishment for making a statement before the media. He mentioned that the petitioner had defused a number of bombs and saved the lives of citizens. He contended that the impugned transfer order was illegal because it was made on the basis of punishment and grudge by the high-ups on account of straightforward statement pertaining to lack of equipment which were required for defusing or searching for bomb and explosives.