ISLAMABAD The strong protest lodged by Sri Lankan government with the Great Britain over its backdoor and public interactions with Tamil rebels have once again mounted Lankas concerns that some terrorist leaders could seek asylum in Britain to pose a grave threat to regional as well as global peace. The incident has questioned the uncalled for interference of UK in South Asian region. British Foreign Secretary David Milibands meeting with the leaders of Global Tamil Forum had backfired earlier this week triggering massive protests with hundreds of Sri Lankans gathering outside the British High Commission in Colombo to flay Britains support for GTF, a shadow organisation of LTTE. However, the British authorities have kept mum over the issue and senior diplomats of the British High Commission here are reluctant to give their on-the-record version in this regard. On the other hand, the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Pakistan on Thursday agreed that some miscreants in the garb of asylum-seekers could take refuge in the UK that could pose a serious security challenge. Yes absolutely, if terrorists get asylum in Britain as civilian immigrants, it could pose grave security challenges, Air Chief Marshal Jayalath Weerakkody said in response to this scribes enquiries in the backdrop of the chances of relocation of Tamil rebels to the Britain. The particular meeting arranged in this regard aimed at serving the same purpose while the GTF leaders have been intensively deliberating with the British authorities for their safe passage to the UK. I dont think that the Britain is promoting terrorism but if somebody tries to organise the terror elements or the relics of crushed Tamil rebels, it is not only a cause of concern for us but for every country as it could endanger worlds peace, the Envoy said. He said that the LTTE was completely defeated and its key leaders were killed and arrested while some had absconded but aiding or organising these elements would be very counterproductive, he cautioned. When asked what made British Foreign Secretary go for such an audacious move like meeting the controversial leaders of the notorious GTF, the diplomat said that he was clueless about the motives of the senior British official with regard to the issue. I dont know why he met them, thats the query to be posed directly to the person in question, if they (Britain) are accommodating them (GTF) they should be asked, thats about them not about us, he added When asked whether Britain was helping Tamils to strengthen them to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections to be started on April 4, he ruled out any such possibility. The Britain is one of those states from Western bloc that had slammed Sri Lanka for 'human rights violations and 'crimes against humanity during decisive operation against the LTTE last year. However, Sri Lankan Envoy out-rightly rejects these allegations saying, If you take a dead body of a terrorist, hide his gun and portray him as an 'innocent civilian thats not going to work. Interestingly, after all the UK backed melodrama that triggered protests in Sri Lanka against the UK, the 'seasoned British diplomats are tight-lipped over the issue and refuse to speak on the matter. In addition, the event has exposed the dual standards of a the country that never helps propagating its resolve against terrorism on one hand but keeps a soft corner for the terrorists on the other, and goes to the extent as to provide them refuge in its soil.