KARACHI - Madadgaar Helpline for Children & Women victims of violence and abuse is counselling the women through legal aid, referral and protection services to children and women victims of sexual abuse including rape, physical abuse, corporal punishment, human trafficking, kidnapping and honour killing. Madadgaar Helpline works as a first point of contact assisting survivors in pre, during and post crisis situations. Zia Ahmed Awan, president for Human Rights and Legal Aid, elaborated the unique nature of Madadgaar Helpline. He said that lack of coordination among civil society organisations and government departments made it difficult for the needy children and women to receive immediate help. He informed that Madadgaar has developed a network of above 400 service providers to give relief to the victims of violence, notably children and women. Since 2001 to 2009, more then 16,417 persons and 6,381 walk-in clients contacted Madadgaar Helpline, he added. Awan said that violence against children and women had been practiced all over the country. He said that according to Madadgaar database research during from January 2000 to April 2009, total 48,521 children were victimised across Pakistan. 5,938 children were brutally murdered, 2,994 cases of rape with minor girls, 2,527 cases of sodomy with minor boys, 3,205 cases of psychical torture, 1,163 cases of internal or international trafficking, 9,440 cases of missing children, 3,317 cases of suicide, 950 cases of police torture, 444 cases of karokari, 8,728 cases of kidnapping, 9,030 cases of forced marriage and 785 cases of vani. Punjab tops the list of violence cases with 29,026 cases, Sindh with 16,376 cases, NWFP with 2,419 cases and in Balochistan with 700. Awan further explained about women abuse cases and said that during the same period Madadgaar recorded 69,326 cases of women abuse across Pakistan, 12,645 cases were murder, 419 cases of rape murder, 4,514 cases of rape, 2,005 cases of gang rape, 14,452 cases of physical torture, 6,901 cases of karokari, 2,119 cases of burn, 11,782 cases of kidnapping, 1,359 police torture, 98,60 suicide, 860 Hudood cases, 864 women trafficking, 601 cases of forced marriage and 945 cases of vani. According to province breakdown, 2,526 cases were recorded in Balochistan, 5,943 in NWFP, 43,001 in Punjab and 17,856 in Sindh. He added that Madadgaar is working with the collaboration of Child Helplines International (CHI), which is working with 80 Child Helplines in 70 countries all around the world. Awan observed that communication revolution in Pakistan has given a chance to work for the betterment of children and women in Pakistan. He demanded of the government two digit phone line is necessary for Madadgaar Helpline and the services needed government help in this regard. Minister Mumtaz Aalam Gilani appreciated the working of Madadgaar Helpline and said that Madadgaar Helpline was a ray of hope for victims or survivors. Regional Director of Human Rights Ali Nawaz Kathyari, Deputy Director Human Rights Muhammad Siddique Barohi were also present on the occasion.