LAHORE (APP) - Chairman Indus Water Council Pakistan and Coordinator World Water Assembly Zahoorul Hassan Dahir has said that 'Indian water terrorism posed more serious threat to Pakistan than Taliban. Talking to newsmen here on Monday, he said, After Chenab and Jhelum now India was pursuing a plan to get complete control over Indus River. He said the pace with which India was diverting Pakistani rivers, days are not far off when country would face situation like Somalia, Ethiopia and Chad. He was of the view that problems of terrorism, insurgency and Talbanisation have been created just to divert attention from Indian 'Water Terrorism. He said Indian Parliament has approved construction of 500 km long train track from Hamachel Pradesh to Ladakh which would be utilised for transportation of construction material for Kargil Dam and three other reservoirs being built on the Indus River. Terming water aggression as more dangerous and devastating than atom bomb, he urged government to take effective measures to secure Pakistans water rights. He said Pakistans efforts for sorting out contentious issues about Baglihar Dam and Kishan Ganga Hydro Power project have failed, therefore government should approach International Court of Justice. He was of the view that due to Indian water aggression , matters have reached to a point where World Bank could not play effective role, therefore, International Court of Justicewas proper forum for seeking justice.