KARACHI - Mounting security issues in the country continued to affect sentiments of the investors at the Karachi Stock Exchange and KSE-100 Index shed 140 points on Monday. High tides of uncertainty initially failed to restrict the support fund to re-emerge as a 'support fund. Accumulation in the privileged stocks kept the benchmark in positive zone, amid low turnover and hefty price erosion in the sideboard stocks. Strike called by MQM and ANP on May 12 and uneven law and order situation in the metropolis provided a way to bearish trend in the market. The KSE-100 Index started the day in the green zone, gaining 23.87 points. Benchmark Index was unable to maintain the positive note and closed at 7,062.25 points, showing a loss of 139.85 points. Market touched days low level of 7,050.18 points on Monday. Trading activity was worrying as the ready market volume squeezed to 123.539 million shares on Monday as compared to last trading sessions 147.832 million shares on Thursday. Total Trading value of the market remained 5.212b rupees as compared to 6.692b rupees of last session. Market capitalisation decreased to Rs 2.105 trillion from last sessions Rs 2.145 trillion. Market lost nearly Rs40 billion on Monday. Out of 327 active symbols at the Karachi stock market, only 86 gained value, 224 lost while 17 remained unchanged. The support fund was not enough. Low turnover, however, led to 'mercury rising and the index started melting in the later half of the session, said Hasnain Asghar Ali of Aziz Fida Husein. Healthy corporate announcements by the main board stocks and the resilience shown by them did allow sideliners to participate in the main board stocks mainly those highlighted as privileged stocks. Bank Al-Falah was crowned as the volume leader with the trading of 12.289 million shares on Monday. Other leading shares at the KSE include Jahangir Siddiqui with 10.648m shares, National Bank 7.371m shares, FFBL 6.807m shares, OGDC 6.014m shares, United Bank 4.092m shares, NIB Bank 4.019m shares, MCB Bank 3.829m shares, Bosicor Pakistan 3.555m shares, Pak PTA 3.545m shares namely. Prominent gainers include Unilever Pakistan, gaining Rs19.42/share and closed at Rs1970 with the trading of only 140 shares on Monday, Treet Corporation added Rs7.64/share and closed at Rs160.44, Unilever Food gained Rs4/share and closed at Rs1345, Pak Reinsurance added Rs2.32/share and its total value was improved to Rs50.81, Haseeb Waqas closed at Rs 42.80, adding Rs1.95/share. On the other hand, Bata Pakistan lost Rs15.20/share and closed at Rs762.63, Hinopak Motor lost Rs8.70/share and its value was decreased to Rs165.44 with the trading of 200 shares, Dawood Hercules lost Rs7.42/share and closed Rs141.82, Indus Motor lost Rs6.38/share and closed at Rs121.41, ICI Pakistan closed at Rs119.85, losing Rs6.30/share, Shezan Inter Limited lost Rs6/share and closed at Rs115.10, Attock Refinery lost Rs5.71/share and closed at Rs117.55. Perhaps no news is bad news, which can trigger index upward or downward movement. The investors willing to invest have already invested, while lot of investors did book gains as index surge from the bottom witnessed during the month of January, said market analyst Bilal Asif. Outcome and response of the Presidents visit to the US can be a catalyst, as it will certainly allow the handicapped (without ready board leverage) to take a short-term yet extreme direction. While rumour regarding increase in turnover tax on the local bourses should be avoided as it was clearly state by the Finance authority that the existing tax structure working at the local bourses will be kept unchanged.