LAHORE - The Punjab Public Service Commission is in disarray after its incessant mismanagement and illegal functioning since long, whereas no government has given due importance to it despite its tall claims of recruiting officers and running the administration on merit, and now, one can see continuous deterioration in the standard of candidates being selected for 'good governance. Today, the Commission - the highest provincial selection body for selecting civil servants - has become a pack of former bureaucrats especially from the Police Service of Pakistan and the District Management Group, as whosoever retires from the service, and if he wishes provided he is well-connected, he is certain to land at the Commission as a member. The latest induction was of recently-retired Inspector General Police Shaukat Javed, whose appointment was notified two days prior to his retirement as the Provincial Police Officer. Despite repeated inductions of the retired, the government has utterly failed in appointing a Chairman on regular basis since Tariq Sultan in July last year. After this, despite all dissensions with the Chief Ministers Secretariat, the Governors House got a chance to show its 'positive side when it approved formers recommendation to appoint ex-top boss of the Bank of Punjab Shahzad Hasan Pervaiz as PPSCs Chairman on officiating basis on September 4 after a hiatus of about three months, when the Commission 'functioned even without a temporary arrangement, confided a source, while adding that Shahzad Pervaiz was a junior, and the Governors House had objected to it asserting that the senior most should be given the slot. Like his other colleagues in the PPSC, Shahzad Hasan also joined the Commission (November 7, 2007) immediately after leaving scam-hit BoP as its Chairman. His elevation in the PPSC, despite being a junior, is attributed to his Kashmiri connection, which brought him close to the Sharifs, observed the source. At one point of time, the official circles were ascribing the delay in the appointment of the permanent PPSC Chairman to the tussle between the Governors House and the CMs Secretariat, which seems to have subsided, but there is no move for appointing a regular Chairman in the offing. However, at one point of time, Secretary to CM Dr Tauqeer Shah had maintained that the government had decided to appoint PPSC Chairman on officiating basis because it could not find 'appropriate officer for regular posting. This is totally baseless because if anyone from this lot cannot act as a regular Chairman, then they should not have been heading their respective departments during their service. Secondly, it is unjust to appoint such members, who cannot run the PPSC. Thirdly, no one should be appointed on officiating basis if he is deemed to be unfit for becoming Chairman. Seeing this, it seems that the PPSC has lost its purpose of selecting capable officers, maintained the officer, while observing that this depicted how the government was serious about its merit-mantra. There exits no provision in the Punjab Public Service Commission Ordinance 1978 for nominating any member as Chairman PPSC on officiating basis, said the officer. As per Rule 6 of the Ordinance, the Governor is supposed to nominate one of the members to be the Chairman of the Commission, but Salmaan Taseer has not done it either. The ratio of the members from various services is pretty lopsided as well considering that the fact that out of 12 members - four seats still vacant - four each are PSPs and the DMG officers. Interestingly, all the out-going PPOs since the last regime had landed in the Commission. However, these appointments raise the question about the selection of candidates for the police department, which is considerably low as since September 2007, only twice inductions in the police were made including once for jails Assistant Superintendents, which are relevant areas for these top cops. Considering their number in the Commission, it seems that the PPSC is mostly conducting recruitments of the policemen, whereas bulk of its inductions are in the education, health and other administrative services, observed an officer. Talat Mahmood, Ch Ahmad Nasim, Dr Azhar Hassan Nadeem and Shaukat Javed are PSPs, while four DMG officers - Shahzad Hassan Pervaiz, Tariq Mahmud, Muhammad Humayun Farshori and Fayyaz Bashir - are playing second fiddle to the top cops in the Commission. A source confided that another retired DMG officer is expected to be appointed as member in the coming days. Moreover, no representation has been given to the provincial service in the Commission though there are many who had retired in BS-21, which is a pre-requisite for appointment as member. As per Ordinance, at least one member each from retired officers not below the rank of Major General or equivalent of the Armed Forces, women and the private sector possessing such qualification and experience, should have been included in the Commission, but it has not been done so far. Secondly, there is no female member since Arifa Syeda. Lastly, the PPSC must correct spellings of 'Servic e Commision running in the upper bar of its website.