ISLAMABAD -The practical examination of Statistics has been abolished from the new curriculum at the intermediate level. The decision was taken at the committee meeting of the said subject to review the curriculum in which representatives of all the provinces had participated. The committee members decided that the practical should be abolished from the examination of all the boards across the country, which would be implemented with the implementation of new curriculum. There is no use of practical as it is merely a duplication of questions. The students are given the same questions to solve in the practical and the paper as well so it doesnt make any difference whether the practical should be conducted or not, said a member of the committee. However, a senior professor of Statistics Department at Quaid-i-Azam University opined that the teachers at the intermediate level are not properly trained to conduct practical. They dont ask students to collect real life examples and just provide the data to calculate and put formulas. Practical is a vital part of student evaluation and should not be abolished in college courses rather it should be modified and made research oriented. It is the basic level of research of the subject, which leads to the higher level so to abolish it completely is not the only solution to the problem, he added. Another professor of F. G. College for Boys H-9 Kazim Hussain said; Though the purpose of practical of all the subjects has been corrupted and destroyed by the people who come up with references to get marks illegally but it doesnt mean that they should be abolished from the exams. The need is to make them more transparent and interesting so that the students can be motivated towards research and the concepts be cleared to the students. The students should be sent out to the field to collect data to evaluate and draw results. But the data collected in 19 70s is still used in the practicals, he added. The spokesperson of the Education Ministry and DG, Federal Directorate of Education, Atique-ur-Rehman, did not comment on the issue, as he had no knowledge in this regard. Earlier, out of total 100 marks, 15 marks were allocated for practical and the time period of the practical was two hours. In the syllabus of practical following topics were included Probability, Discrete and Continuous Probability Distribution, Binomial, Hypergeometric and Normal Distribution, Statistical Inference, Association, Orientation of Computers.