LAHORE - Desperate for Pakistan recall Mohammad Yousuf has made it clear that he would no longer play for the ICL and his decision to resign is final. Yousuf said even if the Indian Cricket League is not willing to release him he would no play for them anymore. "I have sent them my resignation and also submitted a copy to the Pakistan cricket Board," Yousuf said on Monday. "I am hearing the ICL has said it knows nothing about my resignation and that they are not accepting it. Anyway my decision is final as I want to play for Pakistan again," Yousuf said. The senior batsman who joined the ICL last year at a time when he was named in Pakistan's squad for the one-day series against the West Indies in Abu Dhabi also said that he had not been paid his dues by the ICL since joining them. "I have not received any payments from them so far so I think I am justified if I want to resign. I have no complaints with them and hopefully we will work things out," he said. Yousuf confirmed he had met with Pakistan captain, Younis Khan and discussed the decision to resign from the ICL. "Younis told me it is my decision and that as far as selection is concerned he alone does not select the team. I accept that I just want the board to give me a fair chance," he said.