How you feel about the absence of international cricket at home?

It’s a really, really sorry thing for us that we’re not able to play at home. The people and the players are missing that. The confidence you get when you play in your own conditions, it totally reflects in every team’s performance. But this is how we have to live at the moment.

What has your approach to bring stability to team after fixing scandal?

It’s very simple. Me and the officials, team management and the players – we just promised to ourselves that whatever has happened to Pakistan cricket we’re going to really take off and prove that as a team we can do better, including our discipline, and perform better on the ground. Credit goes to everyone, they’ve shown determination and proved it with their performances.

How would the team feel about if tainted trio returns to the squad?

I don’t know at the moment what’s going to happen. It’s all about the cricket board and the ICC– we haven’t thought about that, how we’re going to feel. Everyone’s focussing on what we can achieve for team, not the players who have bans or who have done something wrong. We just want to do well, we just want to win.

Are you sorry that this is the last Champions Trophy?

Whatever the ICC is doing is to increase the interest in the teams in the World Cups. In terms of missing it I think that, in terms of viewership and interest of the people, it’s going to be a good move.

Saeed Ajmal

How do you feel excelling despite starting to play for Pakistan so late?

When I started, I thought I’d play maybe two or three years maximum, and then I’d finish. But coaches gave me confidence, saying I could play for a long time if I work hard. Starting at age 30, I know it’s late but if you’re working hard you can get anything, man.

How much the pause in your run-up helps you?

My action is the same as when I started aged 16 as now when I’m nearly 36. This came naturally. When I started international cricket people told me: “This is a very good thing, you read the batsman because you stop when you deliver the ball.” But my domestic coaches always said it wasn’t good for international cricket.

What was it like getting 10 wickets at Newlands and bowling Hashim Amla?

Hashim is the number one player in the world. It was a turning track – I don’t know why they made a spinning track for me, but I showed them that if they give me a spinning track I’ll perform.

Who is the better spinner – you or Graeme Swann?

Swann is a different type of bowler and also number one in the world. He’s doing well for England, I’m doing well for Pakistan – he’s ok and I’m ok too!

Are you disappointed for not playing in IPL?

Not! They give good money, I know – the players need money. But I play for my country, so no problem.

Would you like to captain Pakistan?

I’m happy just as a player. I don’t need attention. When you’re captain you have lots of problems – especially in Asia! No respect!

Dav Whatmore

What challenges are unique to coaching Pakistan?

Trying to be as successful as possible in another country I’ve never worked in before. Understanding the culture and how the administration works. Living from day to day. Trying to be successful at that – in order to be successful at cricket.

What were the high and low points of your first year?

Winning the Asia Cup. I thought we did well to get to the World T20 semis. Winning the T20 series against Australia. Then there’s the games we should’ve won. We should’ve beaten Australia in the ODIs but we handed it to them. We should’ve beaten Sri Lanka but we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. That pisses me off.

Is it safe for international cricket return in Pakistan?

I understand the concerns that teams might have. But I have no problems, no fear for safety in Lahore. Certain parts of Karachi can be dangerous but I have walked around there without any fear. It comes down to the security that teams are being offered, and I have no doubt that any team coming here will have good security. This country will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the safety of players.

What coaching job do you think, "That’s a tough gig"?

Pakistan! All the coaching jobs have challenges. It varies from country to country. They’re all pretty hard.

What needs to happen for Pakistan to win in 2015 World Cup?

That’s just very, very…(pauses). Of course we want to win the World Cup. But I don’t even know if I’m going to be with the team then.

Zaka Ashraf

Are you confident about international cricket return?

Yes. The threat that was there when theSri Lankateam was attacked is not there anymore. We have had teams coming to play here and they’ve been very happy. The government and security forces have taken a very strong step against the terrorists and they have run away from this area.

Has the lack of international cricket affected the development of the game among the youth?

You would not believe amount of interest and talent there is among the youth. I have driven late at night or early morning and have found young people taking advantage of the empty roads by playing cricket. I have been to villages where they have no electricity, and the whole village will gather round one small battery-powered television set to watch matches. We just held an event for youngsters to show us what they can do and have selected six boys.

How damaging has it been financially?

Definitely. Expenses are too high and income is too low. You go to a neutral venue and your costs double. But we’re comfortable doing that and we’re playing cricket, and are hopeful that someday it will return and we’ll get out of this whirlpool.

Will the election of a new president mean upheaval for the PCB?

We’re now coming into new conditions where the chairman will be elected by the board rather than appointed by the president, as the ICC does not support government interference. Although in my year as chairman, I have not any seen government interference.