Vehari - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said he has visited Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and seen that no development work has been done there. Rather, he said, everything has been destroyed.

He said this onboard a flight to Vehari where he opened a state-of-the-art district headquarters hospital. As the plane took off, the chief minister pointed to window of the plane and said that Orange Line could be seen from there. At that time, there was a broad smile on his face that could be seen on the face of a painter after he paints a masterpiece.

One has to acknowledge Punjab government’s invaluable services in the health sector after seeing the District Headquarters Hospital, Vehari. Patients can get reports of all types of blood tests from the international standard laboratory within an hour. CT scan facility is available round the clock. A latest waste disposal machine, which generates heat up to 1400 degrees centigrade and burns even the gases produced by the waste, is cleaning the hospital environment of every kind of pollution and viruses. As many as 440 types of blood tests are available at the lab.

A CT scan is sent to the company head office in Lahore using information technology. A consultant is available at the head office round the clock and result is received immediately. Moreover, modern beds have been provided in wards that can keep a patient in a position as per doctor’s advice. Hepatitis is an extremely critical issue facing the country. A hepatitis clinic has also been set up at the hospital. An evening OPD, clinic for check up of people aged 40 or above, free dialysis centre, availability of expensive medicines free of cost, computerised slip, centrally air-conditioned building and the shining floor make one feel he is sitting in a European hospital and not in the one in a small town in southern Punjab. The “key level” operation facility leaves one awestruck.

Later, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated a pathology lab, CT scan machine, hepatitis filter clinic and incinerator at the District Headquarters Hospital. According to a handout issued here on Friday, these health schemes have been completed at a total cost of over Rs1.2 billion. The chief minister also visited the pathology lab and inspected its various sections.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister said that management of the pathology lab had been handed over to North Shore Medical Labs of the US. He said that patients would pay a nominal token fee while the test fee will be paid by the Punjab government. At least 1200 medical tests of 43 kinds will be conducted at this hospital, he said. He said that new pathology labs were being set up at 26 DHQ hospitals in different districts by the Punjab government in collaboration with the private sector.

The results of public sector hospitals’ labs will be considered authentic, he said. “CT scan machines will work round the clock at government-run hospitals. Along with them, latest incinerators are being installed at 26 DHQ hospitals to scientifically dispose of hospitals’ waste. Similarly, filter clinics have been established at DHQ hospitals. A filter clinic was opened in Vehari two months ago. As many as 1,434 screenings and vaccination of 1,666 people have been done so far. The Punjab government has fulfilled another promise by modernizing the DHQ Hospital, Vehari. The number of beds has been increased to 300. The journey of public service will continue to facilitate the general public,” the chief minister said.

Talking to media persons, the chief minister said a centralised control system had been established in Lahore where CT scan machines had been installed and company radiologist was available. “Now, the culture of minting money by tampering with CT scan machines through the mafia has been done away with.” Along with these steps, he said, a number of hepatitis filter clinics had been set up to provide free treatment and medicines to patients. Mobile health units have been procured from Europe to provide latest treatment facilities to people in remote areas of Punjab.