HAFIZABAD-Most of the surgical operations in the DHQ Hospital have been stopped for the last two weeks due to the reconstruction of operation theatres.

As a result, the patients are at the mercy of the doctors of private hospitals who are fleecing them. According to official source, the reconstruction of the operation theatres has been started about a fortnight back and could not be completed yet. The in- surgeons, who have also established their own clinics, were referring the patients to their clinics where the patients have to pay huge money. Local citizens have called upon the district administration to ensure early completion of the reconstruction to relieve the patients of unnecessary hardship and inconvenience.

Meanwhile, the local traders have expressed their resentment over the failure of the police in tracing the dacoits who had committed daylight dacoity in the house of former president of Anjuman Arhtian Hafizabad.

They said that despite the lapse of six days, the police have miserably failed to track down the dacoits who had not only snatched away gold ornaments, cash, guns and rifles and wrist watches but also held the occupants of the house at gunpoint and harassed. They called upon the DPO and the RPO to take prompt and concrete steps to trace dacoits and also provide sense of security to the citizens by intensifying the patrolling during day time.

On the other side, Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed has stressed upon the officers of Education Department and DMO Office to work as a team to achieve the requisite targets under the CM Education Roadmap indicators so as to retain the first position in the Punjab like past year.

She said that it was moral and official duties of the teachers and officers of the DMO office to motivate the teachers to perform their duties honestly and with commitments.

Central President of all Pakistan Irrigation labour Federation, Ch. Khushi Muhammad called upon the govt to award special package for the workers, who were facing starvation due to sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities.

Addressing the workers of canals and drains at Head Sagar, he said that the workers were being paid nominal wages and they were passing hand-to-mouth life. He demanded at least 50 percent increase in their salaries. He also advised the workers to forge greater unity to get their rights.