LAHORE - Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani said information about the Labour Day should be included in the school and college syllabus so that our youth are well aware of the services rendered by the working class for society.

Addressing a ceremony, held by the Higher Education Department regarding World Labour Day at Alhamra here on Friday, he proposed that students should be educated about human rights and important topics like the Labour Day should be made part of the syllabi at all levels after approval from the curriculum and textbook boards.

The Labour Day event  attended by labour leaders including Taj Haider, Farooq Tariq, Lord MK Pasha (Pasha Foundation, Netherlands),  Afzal Sahir, Princiapl Queen Mary College Dr Irfana Maryam, while Tahira Habib Jalib and Baba Najmi recited their poetry on the occasion.

A large number of students from Unique Schools and the Government College for Women Samanbad attended the ceremony.

The higher education minister urged the students to follow the golden principles of Islam in their day-to-day life and give respect to the labour and working class. He said that the Europeans made  progress by following the golden principles of Islam. He said that labour force makes up 64 per cent of the world population while its strength was 54 per cent in Pakistan, adding that their services must be acknowledged at all forums.

Students presented different skits to highlight the importance  of the day and services of the labourers and working class in the progress of societies. The ceremony was held in collaboration  with Unique Group of Institutions.

Chairman Pasha Foundation Netherlands MK Pasha and Tahira Habib  Jalib talked about the history of the Labor movement and urged the participants to give due credit to the laborers and working class in society. Rector Unique Group of Institutions Prof Amjad Ali Khan also spoke on the occasion.

Later, Minister Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gilani gave away mementos and gifts to the guest speakers while Rector Prof Amjad  Ali Khan presented a souvenir to the guest.