How many times have you been harassed without knowing you were being so? What did you do to stop it? Complained? Or the least, talked about it? Have you been carrying those dark secrets in your heart, scared to speak up? Did you ever ignore something you knew deep down was harassment or else, offensive in any way?

Well, you are not alone. Almost every other woman in our society has been subjected to harassment in one way or another at some point in their lives. What is intriguing here is the fact that most of the people, women mainly who do not even know they are being harassed or the worse, choose to ignore it completely.

Almost 80 per cent of the female population suffers harassment of different levels on daily basis. Taught to keep such things private that might spoil their image of being a pure soul who has never been approached and harassed, they continue to suffer through and through. This makes the perpetrator even more undaunted. It is a deteriorating factor that puts both the mental stability and the life of the individual at stake.

How to react and save yourselves from these bullies? Staying quiet and letting the culprits do their job? Certainly not! These attackers will not stop until they are forced to. If you are the one going through this and being harassed in any way or should you notice anyone from your loved ones facing harassment, immediate action is all that you require. Tell anyone or everyone who you think can prove accessible. Reach out for police assistance as soon as you can. Watch out for any signs of fear in your child and the most important thing is to SPEAK UP! Keeping quiet is never the safe side. KNOW IT that it is not your fault!

Toying with the victim’s life, they move around, fearless. It all comes down to whatever you do at the end of the day. We all are given two ways by the map of life (as I like to call it); one that is of cowardice and the other that of bravery. The choice is ours…