Referring to the news report featured in Daily The Nation dated 27 April 2018, titled "Chief of the Naval Staff Amateur Golf Cup commences Today", it is hereby clarified that the Sports Reporter was not invited to cover the championship on the basis of his non-professional behaviour/attitude displayed by the individual repeatedly in the past during Naval sports events. It has also been learnt that said reporter is known for his non-professional gestures and has also been reported by PSF and PAF. Both organisations have also requested management of Nation Group to replace him for future coverage.

The recent reporting of PN Golf event by the Reporter, featured in "The Nation" on 27 Apr 18 having malafide contents is considered totally uncalled for. Pointing out the prestigious organisation with such in-factual contents not only maligns the prestige of Pakistan Navy but also reaffirms the reputation the individual carries vis-à-vis known for.

Pakistan Navy graciously avoided to report past incidences of the said Reporter's attitude during PN Golf events solely due to the positive linkage/bondage with the newspaper "The Nation". However, current episode warrants addressal of the highest order from your esteemed Newspaper through featuring Rebuttal as 'The Nation newspaper highly regrets for the in-factual yet irresponsible reporting by Sports Reporter Mohsin featured on 27 Apr 18 regarding coverage of CNS Amateur Golf Cup 2018. The Newspaper will ensure all possible measures to avoid such recurrence in future'.