Once again the blood-thirsty Indian occupied forces played havoc with the lives of Kashmiri people when during clashes on Sunday they martyred 20 people and left another 200 injured. It is one of the deadliest attack so far in the recent history of the Indian held valley. The carnage is a glaring example of the fact that Indian forces feel free to inflict harm on the innocent and armless Kashmiris without an ounce of remorse. The violation of human rights in the held valley has become the norm of the day. Every type of persecution is being exercised against the freedom-mongers in Kashmir but the world community has opted to turn a blind eye to all the cruelties on the part of Indian security forces. The use of pellet guns, illegal detention of Kashmiri youth and extra-judicial killing- every known atrocity is being perpetrated by the Indian forces. Last year, they tied a person in front of an army jeep to use him as human shield to keep the protesters from hurling stones on the vehicle. The state-sponsored oppression by military forces enjoys a massive support of the Modi-led Indian government.

The criminal reticence on the part of global super-powers is understandable because they are eyeing the burgeoning Indian market to secure their business interests. The US has already absolved itself from solving the longstanding Kashmir dispute by terming the issue as a regional conflict between the two neighboring countries. Furthermore, New Delhi has no respect for the UN resolutions regarding the peaceful solution of Kashmir conundrum. It goes without saying that through the use of force the just struggle for freedom can not be muzzled. Indian government must sense the gravity of the situation and stop the mindless massacre of the inhabitants of the occupied territory. In the same way, the human rights activists must also intervene to bring a sigh of relief to the people of Kashmir.


Mianwali, April 4.