HAFIZABAD-Two field workers were tortured to death by land owners for demanding their wages in two different villages here on Friday.

A 40-year-old field worker in Ghanian village was tortured to death by two landlords when he demanded his wages from them.

According to police source, deceased Arshad Ali had been working in the fields of landlords Nasir Ali and Akhtar Ali for the last 8 years. Arshad Ali demanded his wages from the accused but they exchanged harsh words. Thereupon, the accused allegedly pounced upon him and thrashed him with clubs as a result of which he fell unconscious and was shifted to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The Jalalpur Bhattian police registered a case against the accused and arrested Nasir Ali while Akhter Ali managed his good escape.

According to another report, Muhammad Irfan, a harvester helper was thrashed by land owners Hassan Ali, Imtiaz and Imdad in Kot Sarwar village. The police have registered a case against the accused and are investigating.

Meanwhile, the police registered a case against Dr Basharat Bawra, a surgeon of a private hospital, on the charge of allegedly causing the death of Malik Muhammad Ashraf a middleman of Kaleke Mandi due to administering wrong injection. According to the dependants of the deceased, Malik Ashraf was injured in a road accident and was brought to the private hospital where the surgeon administered him wrong injection as a result of which he died. However, the PMA Hafizabad has strongly condemned the registration of a case against the surgeon and called upon the DPO to order cancellation of the FIR otherwise the PMA would be constrained to resort to take other remedial action.

In Gujranwala, the dead body of a lost woman was found in the fields from Qilla Didar Singh Gujranwala. It was reported that Najma, 45, was got missed about 25 days before while on Friday her dead body was found from the fields near Qilla Didar Singh.

Labourer thrashed for seeking pay raise

GUJRANWALA-Factory owners, along with a police constable, allegedly brutally tortured a labourer and broke his legs for demanding an increase in salary here at Cantt area on Thursday.

According to Shakil, he worked in a factory at meagre salary. He said that he had demanded the factory owners - Malik Mansha and Malik Rashid - increase in his salary because he ran short of money. But they refused an increase in his wages and forced him to continue work on the same salary.

Yesterday, they called their friends including a police constable namely Rana Maqsood and thrashed Shakil with sticks and iron rods and broke his legs. He was rushed to Gujranwala District Headquarters Hospital in critical condition.

INJURED: At least 10 persons were injured in a clash between two student groups in a local private university. The brawl occurred in Gift University over a minor issue. The injured were shifted to Gujranwala DHQ Hospital. Police launched investigation.

In Khiali area, a labourer sustained critical burns after accidentally touching an electricity wire. The labourer identified as Rizwan was working in a welding shop when the incident occurred. He was rushed to Gujranwala DHQ Hospital from where he was shifted to Lahore due to critical condition.