RAWALPINDI- Bakra Mandi Road is in a dilapidated condition and needs the authorities’ attention for early repair.

Hundreds of vehicles particularly coming from Chakri road and Dhoke Sayydan to Saddar face multiple problems due to the dilapidated condition of the road.

Huge ditches and bumps developed all over its expanse with not a single patch of even a half kilometre that is in proper condition and safe for travelling. Residents of the area have expressed their concern over the poor condition of the road.

There are several private schools at the road side; the innocent children are also among the affected as the road always remains under the thick cover of dust clouds. Aneeq Abbasi, a local from Bakra Mandi said during the rainy season driving becomes almost impossible whereas the poor and miserable condition of the road multiplied to the miseries of the motorists. The residents of the area have demanded of the authorities to repair the road to save the people from pollution and financial losses.