LAHORE   -   Punjab Football Association (PFA) congress on Saturday suspended its president Naveed Haider Khan for 5 years under the article 25 (M) of the PFF Statutes.

“Sardar Naveed Haider is no more the president of PFA; 23 out of 37 members of PFA has voted in favour of suspension of Naveed Haider for five years. In fact, he was already suspended till next congress by the PFA EXCO on 28 November 2018, however, the PFA Congress, with an overwhelming majority, has not only ratified the suspension but has increased the period of his suspension to five years,” said PFA Vice President Khalid Sheikh, the longest serving president of PFA.

A committee has been formed - comprising three vice presidents and headed by Khalid Sheikh – to run the affairs till the election of a new PFA President. “The house has decided to form a committee which will run the affair of PFA, it will be headed by PFA vice president Khalid Sheikh. Myself and Sheikh Iqbal (PFA vice presidents) are the other two members, till a new president is elected. PFF statutes duly approved by FIFA are being followed in true letter and spirit in the whole process,” Rana Shaukat, one of the PFA vice presidents said and added that Asghar Khan Anjum will act as coordinator with the committee.

Earlier in year 2018, while suspending Sardar Naveed till next congress, serious allegations were framed by the PFA executive body against its chief, as serious as the changing of the names of PFA representatives without the approval of PFA EXCO for the PFF Elections 2018, not holding the PFA Congress, not appointing the PFA General Secretary, joining the group of illegal people, who has played a key role to destroy the football in Pakistan by making a parallel PFF body, appointing two additional PFA vice presidents illegally again without the approval of PFA EXCO so on and so for, said PFA vice president Sheikh Iqbal.