LAHORE   -  A todal of 30 Ramazan Bazaars will open tdoay (Sunday). The district administration has issued the list of subsidised essential commodities

These 19 items would be availabe in the bazaars at the following rates; potato Rs 12 per kg, onion Rs 13 per kg, tomato Rs 21 per kg, ladyfinger Rs 107 per kg, bitter gourd Rs 59 per kg, kaddu Rs 57 kg, ginger china 187 per kg, garlic china Rs 217 per kg, lemon desi Rs 149 per kg, dates irani Rs 175 per kg, banana Rs 107 per kg, apple turki Rs 305 per kg, gram pulse Rs 93 per kg, masoor pulse Rs 90 per kg, mash pulse Rs 130 per kg, masoor whole Rs 77 per kg, gram white Rs 92 per kg, basin Rs 96 per kg and rice new Rs 106 per kg.

The Metropolitoion Corporation Lahore Distrcit Officer Food Chaudhry Sagir said the bazaars are set up to give relief to fasting people in the holy month.

“The MCL along with distrcit admintration is committeed to serving the people during the holy month of Ramazan.”